Short Term Medical Period of Coverage

When Does My Coverage Begin?

If you are submitting your application by:

Internet using a credit card:
The earliest your coverage can begin is the day following transmission, if all other eligibility criteria have been met. For example, if you submit your application online on March 16th, your coverage begins on 12:01 AM on March 17th.

Mail and writing a check:
The earliest that your coverage can begin is the day following the U.S. Postal Service postmark, if all other eligibility criteria have been met. (If the envelope containing your application is not postmarked by the U.S. Post Office or if the postmark is not legible, the plan date will be the later of a) your requested date or b) two days prior to the date the application was received by LifeMap Assurance Company.)

Coverage will take effect provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Your completed application and full premium payment are received by LifeMap, and
  2. Your answers on the application are complete and meet the requirement for acceptance.


This Short Term Medical plan is not renewable and is not intended as a permanent solution to your long term insurance needs. However, if your temporary need continues beyond your policy period, you may apply for a new plan. To obtain an additional plan, you must complete a new enrollment form. If we approve the new enrollment form, a new plan will be issued.

Any previous or current health condition or symptom will be considered a pre-existing medical condition that will not be covered under a new plan. There is no continuous coverage between plans — therefore your new plan will not provide benefits for any condition or symptom which began during a previous plan. In addition, no benefits are available for any period in which you are not covered by our Short Term Medical plan.

Extension of Benefits While Hospitalized
If a member is confined to a hospital on the expiration date of this policy, that member’s coverage under the policy will continue without payment of additional premium.

Coverage will continue:

  1. until the date the member is discharged from the hospital; or
  2. until the date on which the applicable benefit maximums are reached, whichever occurs first.