Short Term Medical Eligibility

Who is Eligible for this Plan?

You are eligible for this Policy if you and any family members who apply for coverage:

  • Are under age 65 and will remain under age 65 for the term of the policy. Dependent children must be under age 26.
  • Are not eligible for Medicare Benefits and will not be eligible for Medicare Benefits for the duration of the Policy.
  • Are not pregnant. If any member of your family is pregnant, you may not apply for coverage until the pregnancy concludes.
  • Are not covered under any other hospital or medical plan.

Temporary Coverage
Short Term Medical Insurance is designed to provide medical coverage on a temporary basis to fill a temporary need. It cannot be renewed and is not intended to replace permanent coverage. However, if the temporary need continues, you may apply for one new policy within a 12-month period.

There is no continuous coverage between policies. Any condition which may have existed or occurred under one policy will be a pre-existing condition under the subsequent policy, and therefore, will not be covered under the subsequent policy.